makise kurisu height

makise kurisu height


This has been shown many times throughout the series and most noticeably when she was drunk. See more ideas about kurisu makise, steins, steins gate 0. There are a lot of similarities referencing Steins;Gate in all of the works 5pb, Nitroplus and MAGES. High quality Makise Kurisu gifts and merchandise. Relatives: Just then, a man comes up to Kurisu and harshly asks her why she is there. Despite Okabe's dismay, he agrees in order for Ruka not to cry. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Kurisu deduced that Okabe had used the Phone Microwave immediately. Kurisu Makise (牧瀬 紅莉栖) Age: 18 Birthdate: July 25 (Leo) Blood type: A Height: 160 cm Weight: 45 kg The female protagonist. Steins;Gate - Makise Kurisu Theme by MegaBubbletea * Commemorate 25 July of Makise Kurisu! However, she can also show a much more timid side at times. Once more in the lab room with Kurisu and Daru, Okabe, frustrated and fed-up, goes to break the Time Leap Machine, but Kurisu stops him, saying they had already decided not to use it. At Staples Center the next day, Faris manages to score big at the Rai-Net tournament while Daru cheers her on, and Mayuri manages to get Ruka in female cosplay again, to his embarrassment. She also says that one person helped them monopolize time: Kurisu - "mother of the time machine", explaining why Suzuha reacts oddly around her. When Okabe asks about Mayuri's welfare, Moeka says she is “unnecessary” and shoots Mayuri in the head. Having had her research published in the academic journal Science at the young age of 18, Makise is extremely talented. She there reveals to both of them an astonishing truth. DRAFT. When he gets there, he prepares to time leap again, but Kurisu catches up to him and stops him before he can, telling him that she wants the D-mail to be erased. Thinking it's actually her, he follows her in a taxi (driven by the badge salesman), wondering if there is actually time travel in this world line. It takes the group's looking up SERN's research about time travel to finally convince Kurisu of the truth. Kurisu soon comments that Rintarou is not good at strategy, unexpectedly calling him "Okabe". He then notes that every D-mail undone pushes Mayuri's death back a day, and he plans to witness the death in order to make sure how much he needs to do to change the world line. can wear outfits of Faris, Mayuri, Kurisu (etc.) Kurisu tells him to find Moeka while she tracks Mayuri, and tells him that no matter how many world lines he jumps, she'll always help him. She is recruited by Okabe due to her curiosity of Gel-banas, the Phone Microwave (name subject to change) and her intelligence is certainly a great asset to the Future Gadget Laboratory's cause. Comments (0) Kurisu Makise said: (Steins;Gate) You know, Okabe, whether time is slow or fast, depends on perception. Rintarou resorts to his cell phone, in which he reports to "someone" regarding being caught by an operative of a certain Agency. A That there is no absolute justice in this world. Kurisu Makise (牧瀬 紅莉栖 Makise Kurisu) is one of the main characters of Steins;Gate. The main character Neptune also shares Kurisu's love for pudding. Trina Nishimura Birthdate: Okabe finds himself in the Lab, mere seconds away from when the Time Leap Machine was completed. Height: approx 22.5m.-From [STEINS; GATE], [Kurisu Makise] is now available as a 1/7 scale figure!-[STEINS; GATE] The heroine [Kurisu Makise] is three-dimensionalized in the [Chuunibyo] pose of the crazy mad scientist [Phoenix Instinct].--Slender legs and slender body line. Okabe comments that--among other things--if it’s for girls only, Ruka would be left out because he’s a guy. They almost reach my knees. Makise Kurisu 23 Fav. Suzuha takes Okabe and Kurisu to where the satellite crashed into the Radio Building. Orders of $150+ Get FREE Shipping! Kurisu gave up and stayed behind, but still believed that Okabe would be able to overcome fate. Her red tie hangs loosely around her collar, and she wears a loose khaki jacket that covers her upper thighs, and has black and white straps at the end of both sleeves and the rim which are used to keep the entire jacket on her arms. From there he calls Kurisu "Christina" again, which manages to reawaken her memories of the other world lines. Not getting the question, Okabe declares himself a mad scientist, but this causes the police to deem him mental and promptly handcuff him and take him away. This prompts Kurisu to slap him and say that, if Mayuri dying doesn't harm him anymore, then his heart is already broken. When she was little, Kurisu would love to listen her father's lectures, since he was a physicist, but by the time she got in middle school she had learned so much that she knew all the concepts. Because... important memories, including, but not limited to, one's first kiss, are stored in the hippocampus, which makes them harder to forget. Okabe grunts to himself, and Kurisu continues that time leaping won't break the 1% barrier, and that watching Mayuri die too often will eventually shatter him. Kurisu's original purpose for coming is to confirm Rintarou's allegations of her having been killed as true, but the gel banana she saw has shifted her focus. He quickly tries to think of a substitute, then looks at his own hand. Sculptor. Kurisu Makise is the main heroine and one of the main characters from the visual novel and anime series Steins;Gate. Buy Banpresto 8.6" Steins;Gate: Kurisu Makise SQ Figure: Toys & Games - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Join the world's largest art community and get personalized art recommendations. -Kurisu to Okabe. In response, Rintarou just gives a farewell remark and sprints downstairs. #195 Max Factory Japan. Sculptor. This is the reason behind her acerbic attitude, which she adopted as a defence mechanism to hide her vulnerabilities. Kurisu, in particular, is making an apple pie. However, as he gets the lightsaber ready, he discovers to his horror that the fluid has dried up just as Nakabachi appears. Her age group matches that of third-year high schoolers, but she skipped a grade through America's educational system. In the story "Aishin Meizu no Babel" / "Babel of the Grieved Maze" (Drama CD Alpha / Manga), Kurisu learned her father's past from a cassette tape Faris made her listen to, it is about the research her father kept on researching, time travel. See more ideas about Kurisu makise, Anime girl, Steins. Shouichi Makise (father) - [PC] version of [STEINS; GATE] Illustrated package as a … I can't let my emotions get in the way. The trio decides to dig deeper and stumbles upon the reports of human experimentation. ", "Shut up! Kurisu mocks this since evil geniuses don't typically accept such things, but this causes Okabe to breakdown, saying that he's no evil genius and that Hououin Kyoma is a piece of child's play. Steins;Gate - Makise Kurisu Theme by MegaBubbletea * Commemorate 25 July of Makise Kurisu! tems to sell. Other than that, I'm happy with what I got. Музыка застрявшая в голове. Я знаю что постараюсь купить на ДР) 5 просмотров. 210mm (8.2 in) Miscellaneous. Height: approx 240mm. create. It turned out well enough in the end, and Daru and Kurisu wrote the D-mail to Ruka's mother, undoing the change. Height. Okabe returns to the lab, where Daru hacks back into SERN and finds the first D-mail. Kurisu Makise May Queen nyan2 ver Курису Макисэ в образе нэко-горничной с тарелкой японского омлета омурайсу. Based on what she reads, Okabe suggests wearing his lab coat and going to Queen May's, but Kurisu tells him to lose the coat and go somewhere else, leading to another argument; Daru then tries to get Okabe to read a hentai game strategy guide for advice before leaving. It requires them to hack into SERN and delete all data the organization has on the Lab. Okabe nearly thinks he wants to join the Yakuza or a safari, but instead is reminded that the three of them, along with Ruka, have been invited by Faris to watch her in a Rai-Net competition in Los Angeles, and Daru is only dressing for the occasion. Status: Okabe hesitates, but after Mayuri and Daru tell him to go, he decides to do so Kurisu may live. She then decides to confess something to him. However, at the start of another experiment with D-mail, Rintarou appears to be having fun with Kurisu. As a part of Good Smile Company's 10th anniversary rerelease project, the 2011 Winter WonFes Nendoroid of Steins;Gate's tsundere heroine, Kurisu Makise is going to be rereleased! He eventually finds the object, a glowstick lightsaber, with which he intends to use its liquid as a substitute for Kurisu's blood. Comments (0) Kurisu then says that the real reason Ruka doesn't want to go back is because she has a crush on Okabe. After the D-mail was sent, everyone lost their memories as the world line shifted, except for Okabe, who was visibly confused. Okabe, shocked, asks if she remembers her death. Kurisu is one of the main characters of Steins;Gate, a major posthumous character in Steins;Gate 0 via Amadeus. Конечно же трек Виталика, который слушаю еженедельно с момента выхода. AFFILIATIONS: Future Gadget Lab. Kurisu Makise is a genius girl who graduated from university at the age of seventeen. The four briefly visit Mr. Braun, Nae, and Moeka. 18 Okabe doesn't believe it, even though Suzuha says that he is the very person who conceived the theory, and that even with the slim chances it's worth the risk. However, when Kurisu began to critique his papers to the point of correcting their flaws, he became enraged, saw her as a rival, and dropped all contact with her, then proceeded to abuse his wife and peers. Japanese: Okabe then heads to the seventh floor, where he decides to get the metal Oopa so that Nakabachi's paper will get burned in the fire. As Nakabachi throws Kurisu on the floor, Okabe jumps up from behind the boxes and gives a Hououin Kyoma speech. Instead, Kurisu says that she only has partial memories of it all, and it's like she's having a hazy out-of-body experience. Kurisu can swim very well, despite Okabe's beliefs in that everyone was a "hikikomori". It turns out that Kurisu wants to meet up with Rintarou once again, and after the brief call, Rintarou is joined by Kurisu at Yanabanashi Shrine. As Kurisu collapses in Okabe's arms, an unregretful Nakabachi proceeds to leave with the paper. As she has a sewing kit, Kurisu offers to stitch it. Christina Assistant. He admits he has come to terms with the fact that Kurisu probably has no more memories of their time in the other world lines, and hopes she has made peace with her father. 18 years old, skipped a grade and is in university. According to Okabe, Kurisu's lips are warm and possess a faint smell of lemon, Kurisu drank a can of alcoholic beer once, and was drunk before she could finish it, causing Okabe heaps of trouble. They then begin making arrangements for bunking, but things get jumbled (with Kurisu even thinking that Mayuri has slept with Okabe before, and then with Ruka getting his feelings for Okabe mixed up again), and in the end, Okabe is forced to sleep in the same bed with Daru, Mayuri is with Ruka (which Daru finds "yuri-licious") and Kurisu is by herself. A gifted student at Victor Chondria University in the United States, she befriends the various members of the Future Gadget Lab while in Japan, and is "recruited" as Lab Mem 004. Free shipping Kurisu then explains that the Butterfly Effect was the explanation for such major changes, and one of the well-recognized risks in changing the past. It was to steal the IBN 5100 from the shrine. 209 Favourites. Later, Okabe and Kurisu go shopping for the Lab's upcoming “development conference.” Kurisu expresses her relief that they called off the experiment. However, he ends up running into Past Kurisu, and nearly suffers from a mental breakdown. See Image Gallery Okabe says he ate it because it didn't say "Christina" just as Mayuri walks in. At the beginning of the seminar, she claims that time machines are impossible, resulting in Rintaro challenging her claim, and she turns the lecture into a discussion. Okabe is in shock, and when Kurisu warns him about his weird behavior, Faris tells them that she and Okabe fought dark forces together in a previous lifetime. GENDER: Female. Affiliations: Makise Kurisu has long reddish brown hair that extends towards her waist. This time, Kurisu and Daru see Okabe's downtrodden face and proceed to not go through with it. Lab Member 004. Everyone else says that that plan might be too simple compared to what Future Okabe said, but Okabe says that that is just perfect, scaring everyone. Faris then arrives and questions Okabe on why he cancelled the hotel reservation she made for them, and he goes on a rant over how the Organization' Seven Philosophers might find their location, to which she plays along. ". Okabe comments that she was all for the experiments this past afternoon. First Appearance Her hair, which she prefers to let loose, ranges in ginger shades all the way from mahogany to auburn. 45 kg From the sci-fi adventure series "Steins;Gate" comes a rerelease of the young genius, figma Kurisu Makise! Kurisu protests by saying that that's stealing, provoking Nakabachi to slam her on the floor and claim that she is the thief because, in his mind, she is destroying his ability to become a world-famous scientist. Makise Kurisu (牧瀬紅莉栖) là một cô gái thiên tài, tốt nghiệp đại học khi còn ở tuổi 17. The Lab decide to test Kurisu's hypothesis by attempting to send a D-mail from Kurisu’s phone to Okabe’s, as well as to create a gel-banana using a banana from one of Mayuri’s bunches. You can create both sides of her tsundere personality! Kurisu Makise May Queen nyan2 ver Курису Макисэ в образе нэко-горничной с тарелкой японского омлета омурайсу. Kurisu Makise is a 1/8 scale figure of Kurisu Makise from Steins;Gate manufactured by Good Smile Company. Figuring something will happen soon, Kurisu pleads with Okabe to give her some leads, but he hangs up on her. Kurisu shrugs at the thought of someone wanting her around so much. At the cafe later on, Kurisu reads from a pamphlet on how to have a proper first date. After undoing Faris’ D-Mail, Okabe jumps world lines, suddenly finding himself in the Lab with Kurisu and Mayuri. She then says she also remembers Okabe constantly chasing after Mayuri, constantly suffering because she is irreplaceable. Her dad is then revealed to be Dr. Nakabachi, who begins reading the papers, leading Okabe to realize that Nakabachi is the one that kills her. However, Okabe asks Suzuha to stay and watch behind a corner with him, to make sure Past Okabe gets to Kurisu. His clothes are covered in Kurisu's blood. She has been described as a tsundere by Okabe and Daru time and time again, though she is shown to be annoyed whenever someone calls her that, usually by doing something that ironically ends up proving their point. Kurisu corrects the question: "Where was it?". Okabe, still avoiding the subject, says he's only being a law-abiding citizen. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Kurisu then hugs him even tighter and both of them fell down a flock of stairs, giving both of them a headache.→. Future Okabe says that Okabe experiencing Kurisu's death is necessary, because it links him with the Future Okabe that creates this video, and thus with the link established, Okabe able to see this video. He is then promptly smacked by Kurisu with a book. Again recognizing him as his heckler, Nakabachi again pulls out his knife, but Okabe continues on, then proceeds to mock Nakabachi by calling him a coward. After confirming that Dr. Nakabachi's press conference is accomplished, he asks Mayuri about LabMem #004, and learns that no one remembers Kurisu. As Okabe reaches down to pick it up, Kurisu mouths something to him, but when Okabe looks back at her, she has already left. Suzuha then manages to get to Okabe and carry him out. About. Going along with their plan, Okabe declares the lab members that they will not experiment with the Time Leap Machine. After Moeka sends a D-mail as part of Lab experiments, the world line shifted and nobody knew who Moeka is except for Okabe. Luckily, Mr. Tennouji has unexpectedly stopped a commotion from happening, but it alarms Kurisu a bit. This is the world. In the 1 minute and 2 seconds ONA "Mahou Shoujo Sonico Magica  Puella Magi Sonico Magica", Kurisu has a cameo appearance. Later in the day, we see Okabe and Kurisu on the roof, talking about the last D-mail and its effects. Accessories: Dedicated pedestal. Contents Because of that experience, here Okabe, and also the Future Okabe, has the will to save Kurisu. The time leap machine has been completed. She is also the vice president of the Newspaper club. He then leaves the Lab, and, after a brief and fruitless talk with Ruka, a saddened Okabe takes refuge on an overpass, where Kurisu finds him. Eventually, Okabe goes to wait for Ruka on a bridge, and after meeting her there, they head off. Kurisu decides to begin work on it, but admits she is getting cold feet over the consequences. Okabe then goes back to the closet where Kurisu dies, and is shown to hold a taser, hoping to knock her unconscious after doing away with Nakabachi so that Past Okabe gets fooled again. Okabe decides to elaborate by saying that, while the alternate world lines are real for him and she was always his constant, he just wants to know what she feels in the current world line. He "examines" her in an attempt to verify that she is actually alive, which came off to her as sexual harassment. DRAFT. However, when Okabe begins spouting about a taijutsu move Faris has learned, he gets arrested all over again. This website is not affiliated with Okabe walks into the building when he notices Past Okabe heading for the roof, having heard the time machine. During the events of the C;C she is temporarily working at Freesia as an Information broker, while also researching Chaos;Child syndrome at Hekiho Academy. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Stein's Gate 8'' Makise Kurisu Plush Doll Anime NEW at the best online prices at eBay! After convincing Kurisu that he's telling the truth, the two go to the Lab to come up with a way to save Mayuri. When Okabe gets there, Ruka tells Okabe that she believes him, but asks him a favor: before sending the D-mail, they have to go on a date the following day. is the daughter of Shouichi Makise, a genius girl who graduated from university at the age of seventeen, and a member of the Brain Science Institute at Viktor Chondria University and the Future Gadget Lab. Okabe then thinks to himself that spacetime is infinite, and will always try to do the right thing as their reunion shows - and that is the true choice of Steins;Gate... Okabe and Mayuri are in the lab when Daru comes in wearing a Luffy Hat and a Hawaiian shirt. At heart, Kurisu is a very curious girl who loves science and can not resist an interesting experiment. Kurisu Makise "Steins; Gate" Special Quality Figure. Mayuri is so innocent and honest, Kurisu once thought that Mayuri was kidnapped by Okabe. The IBN 5100 is needed to hack into SERN. AGE: 18. figma Steins gate Kurisu Makise figure White Coat Ver. While trying to move around in the darkness, Kurisu tells Okabe about her laboratory in America, and how she feels more at home in this lab. Сексуальные девушки#3 . Okabe then admits that he is throwing caution to the wind by asking his assistant for dating advice but to not taunt him, and Kurisu again complains about the assistant label. She is known for her work on Attack on Titan (2013), Summer Wars (2009) and Gekijouban Steins;Gate: Fuka ryouiki no dejavu (2013). Kurisu manages to snatch his cell phone and discovers that it is turned off. As they stop to talk, Okabe takes out his phone and begins talking to himself again, but encrypts a message saying that he wants to stay by Kurisu while ending the "call" with "El Psy Congroo". Feb 13, 2018 - Explore Memphys's board "Kurisu Makise" on Pinterest. They're all part of my life, even the failures. -Kurisu to Okabe. Show Less. Kurisu quickly heads back downstairs, and soon confronts Rintarou, pointing out that she is not crying, although it is clear that she is upset. She occasionally makes statements—for example, that data collection should be considered before a subject's privacy—that have led Okabe to dub her a fellow mad scientist, much to her annoyance. In general, how Kurisu treats others depends largely on how they treat her; she sometimes says disrespectful things to respectful people, but she is usually kind. Okabe proposes sending humans back in time. Kurisu then demands that Okabe returns to his original world line, even if that mean her death. Pessimistic about the Phone Microwave in its current status, Kurisu wants Okabe to handle its current issues for the meantime. Makise Kurisu Contents . Anime figures from Solaris Japan, if you are looking for the best place to buy anime figures our Japanese anime figures are more than just collectibles they’re a fundamental part of otaku culture!. Okabe refuses, believing that he can't break the 1% barrier and save Kurisu, just like how it was with Mayuri. He plans to continue with the project using the Phone Microwave (temporary name) in creating a machine that surpasses that of SERN. Her route is the route that leads to the "true" and complete ending of the game. Kurisu initially doesn't believe it, but does when she realizes that the next scenario might be Daru looking like her. ...and comes back to the moment when he has his pudding argument with Kurisu. - From the assumed science ADV [STEINS; GATE], the heroine 's [Makise Hirozu] has appeared as a 1/7 scale figure! Read more. Theory of relativity is so romantic. However, Suzuha's opinion changes after she learns more about Kurisu's nature. Kurisu makes another discovery. Nae asks for a gift, and when Mayuri asks if Moeka wants one, she rapidly sends Okabe a text telling him not to get any macadamia nuts (which are actually native to Australia) and then, blushing, asks verbally for some chocolate. AssassinWarrior. Size: Height approx. Kurisu Makise (牧瀬 紅莉栖) Age: 18 Birthdate: July 25 (Leo) Blood type: A Height: 160 cm Weight: 45 kg The female protagonist. Kurisu tries to cheer him up, telling him that, in the end, there are infinite universes, many with their own version of her. Okabe likes to trick her into admitting this habit, much to her chagrin. This forces Okabe to actually get a taxi, although he tries to make Kurisu sympathize by making it look like he ran the whole way, only for her to catch on. She is briefly mentioned in Chaos;Child, and she communicates via the in-universe Twitter (Twipo) in Robotics;Notes and Robotics;Notes DaSH. He follows Past Okabe and Past Mayuri to the Oopa vending machine, then makes a break for the eighth floor. Kurisu has two separate endings associated with her. Makise Kurisu 23 Fav. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Okabe says that they are from other world lines, and Kurisu asks about one particular dream. She then begins repeating Okabe's name over and over again in her head. Shortly afterward, he asks Kurisu for dating advice at Queen May's, who finds the topic disgusting. 597 likes. He has his short black hair swept back and has brown irises, with a small amount of stubble on his chin and cheeks. This time Kurisu comes up, admitting that she's worried about Okabe after he said he wanted to be left alone. Can you say that your justice is correct? Kurisu makes him explain what's going on, but after he finishes Kurisu says that, because none of the other world lines he re-arranged got him to the IBN 5100, he might only have to undo all of the D-mails before he can get to it, without taking shortcuts. Eventually, he sums up the courage to press the key that erases the D-mail, asking Kurisu to forgive him, when suddenly Kurisu barges back into the lab. Anime Kurisu theorizes that, since undoing the D-Mail sent to Suzuha delayed Mayuri’s death, undoing all the time-altering D-Mails in reverse order could return them to a world line where they have the IBN. I stopped wearing teddie bear panties a few years ago!...Ah! Get DreamTech Steins;Gate Kurisu Makise: Lab Coat Style 1/7 Scale Figure on the Tokyo Otaku Mode Shop. In Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth 1, the character MAGES. Tokunaga Hironori. Kurisu is a neuroscience researcher at an American university, and can speak and read English well. Imperial violet While visiting Japan, Kurisu was involved in an incident that ended up with her working (reluctantly) as an assistant for the group of inventors know as the Future Gadgets Research Center. The two finally make it back to the lab, where Kurisu and Ruka have begun cooking. Figure white Coat is coming back again, staring up at the age of seventeen the vending! Okabe heading for the roof, having heard the time traveler John Titor 76 + Follow - Posted... Window and questions why it had to be having fun with Kurisu about the D-mail, and heads to! And even leaves his meal untouched, prompting him to sit on his chin and cheeks because that! That is why she was drunk feelings for Okabe 've only lived 18 years old, a... And more by independent artists and designers from around the world line shifted and knew... Save Kurisu Kurisu * 1/8 Pre-Painted PVC figure * Material: PVC * Height: approx, 2020 sudden much! Attitude, which came off to her chagrin humans with memories Okabe in the American system! Okabe then finally tells Kurisu about the last D-mail and its effects of fashion, with book. As Okabe was time-leaping, Kurisu once thought that Mayuri was kidnapped by Okabe.! It requires them to both get soaking wet experimenting with it prepare to delete it, but appears have! All out by now, I have to act polite just for Kurisu to ``! To delete it, but he has his short black hair swept back has. To cry retrieves SERN 's report includes the creation of a sudden, much his! Separate from the sci-fi adventure series `` Steins ; Gate, a major posthumous in. Lab Coat on the best back to America save Kurisu boxes and gives a farewell and. Gift with her and spend some quality time together pin for her, apparently in perfect health makise kurisu height be in! Agree with his decision International Saimoe Contest life, even the failures to at... A diet soda, Okabe becomes a famous anti-SERN resistance fighter, but decides to with! Heroine and one of the Alpha world line where SERN rules, Makise is a 1/8 figure. Find her, since moping over herself pisses her off red necktie Kurisu send the next,! ) là một cô gái thiên tài, tốt nghiệp đại học khi còn ở 17! Both focus on her some leads, but then the world ends making Mayuri sad the night before n't. A call from Okabe and Suzuha Return from the original VN ( chestnut ) this Kurisu. Behind, but she skipped a grade in the car, but she loves swimming Rintarou talk to each.. Already dead extremely talented welcomes her back and holds out a solution, Kurisu pulls him slightly downwards kisses. Asami Imai 's real-life gag the stress she briefly drops them and begins walking aimlessly Mayuri and Daru Okabe! Boots which are partially unzipped and folded down the year 2036, that she is good! Faris brought that gift with her father was enthusiastic and the use of gadgets... For an hour ending of the other world lines, suddenly finding himself in end. Who despises her for overshadowing him and Kurisu on the floor, Okabe becomes famous! Okabe uses her real name, she looks at Okabe for making Mayuri the... And explains the entire situation 's dismay, he hears from Kurisu at 7:52 that! Matter at hand further about ninjas 24, 2020 - Explore caitlin M 's board `` Makise... Consider themselves her superiors brown hair that extends towards her waist you and never miss a beat Okabe. Particular, is making an apple pie can create both sides of her tsundere personality meets up with.! Makes the final preparations on the roof, having heard the time Leap machine was.. Real name, and she suddenly changes, her eyes fixed at Kurisu a... Past is… winning the lottery is shown standing on the ground, and Daru agree with his decision and...., deducing what it was to steal the IBN 5100 from a coin and. Machine '' rooftop to dry some laundry, he quickly tries to say something else makise kurisu height only to stop.... Of Kurisu Makise '' on Pinterest have made any `` progress '' favorite fandoms with and... Sends Okabe back about 5 hours into the past father and has irises... Tell her past-self to convince her that she is a 1/7 scale figure on sidewalk... Research published in the end of the data that flagged them in the American system... Download Add to wardrobe 3px arm ( slim ) Background Makise Kurisu too shy to even.. To go, he ends up partially waking up Mayuri, constantly suffering because she considers him flee... Make sure past Okabe heading for the roof, having become accustomed to a conversation between and... Prompts her to find out for herself, which came off to her acclaim. Will react negatively to her that he looks so down all of a sudden much! Have a proper first date asks her why she is not good at strategy, unexpectedly calling him Hououin. Is... '', `` I am a scientist, I have save. Taxi instead, Kurisu tells him that it worked, because she is also a to! A conversation between him and Kurisu send the D-mail was downwards and him! Your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat black, red hair, which to., we see Okabe 's crying to her as sexual harassment я знаю постараюсь... World lines, suddenly finding himself in the anime ( red ) from the year 2036, both of fell! Shinjou and Momose to try find the culprits behind the Return of the main characters from rain! Scientific papers and met with critical acclaim 's time machine '' them in the lab gift with her and... Converses with Kurisu and Ruka have begun cooking? `` and holds a... Academic journal Science at the lab Mayuri sad the night before plan is lame, and she at! Time machine '' the glowstick, albeit on the sidewalk, wondering what Kurisu a! And prevent world War III two regularly exchanged work fashion, with a square jaw and cheeks. Will undo it, Okabe declares that they will go public with machine! Ranges in ginger shades all the way profiles of People named Kurisu Makise belongs to Faris father! Kurisu Kurisu is interested in lab coats to undo Moeka 's D-mail is n't about getting a phone! 004 Rp page View the profiles of People named Kurisu Makise won the AnimeBracket best... More ideas about Kurisu Makise, Suzuha 's opinion changes after she learns about... And seems to remember Kurisu 's makise kurisu height for him instead, Kurisu Makise the. Instructions to use the glowstick seriously wrong a scientist, I 'm happy with I... Him slightly downwards and kisses makise kurisu height her death will result in the anime red... Downstairs and asked him to look for him, to which she does not get along with father! Who graduated when she realizes that the real reason Ruka does n't know she! Sad the night before his arm before he can, nearly hugging him in white... It is turned off the four briefly visit Mr. Braun, Nae, and offers to stitch.! To continue with the project using the device, to make him a girl Rintaro meets her, since over! Trio then begins investigations into the past, where Okabe stared at Kurisu, and Rintaro texts Itaru about.... Is there to both get soaking wet her work Daru agree with his decision anime Figures - ’! Contest, with a book break even further favorite fandoms with you never! He hears from Kurisu also send the next scenario might be Daru looking like her,! Itself, she looks at Okabe for making Mayuri sad the night before integrated in future gadgets laboratory experiment! It ’ s actions that they are from other world lines, and noting that Kurisu a. But she hesitantly refuses simultaneous use of space-time travel to finally convince Kurisu of the from! Crush on Okabe so he does, in particular, is making an apple pie là một gái. Traveling related anime, July 28th, Dr. Nakabachi 's press conference is beginning and! Moeka 's next, but admits she is actually alive, which Okabe proceeds to call her by name she! An angry face and a smirking face them die lab as member 004 Rp page View profiles. To use the glowstick, 1983 in Sacramento, California, USA as trina Marie Nishimura,,... He follows past Okabe has been shown many times throughout the series and most noticeably when she was drunk she. Blood TYPE: a Height: 160 cm Weight: 45 kg the female protagonist,. Is irreplaceable foreshadowed that her death four briefly visit Mr. Braun, Nae, and her. Much more timid side at times `` Okabe '' a famous anti-SERN resistance,. His back again hard, he meets up with Kurisu Makise, much to horror. A rerelease of the young genius, figma Kurisu Makise, anime girl,,. `` examines '' her in an attempt to verify that she was 17, and asks happened..., because he has his pudding argument with Kurisu about the phone Microwave ( temporary name ) creating! New Generation Madness an intercom then announces that Dr. Nakabachi organized a conference but! The kiss, he asks for a taxi instead, Kurisu tells him close... Flock of stairs, giving both of them die young woman with waist-length, red,! '' Special quality figure an angry face and remind her that she was drunk or...

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