exterior wood treatment

exterior wood treatment


Any recommendations? Wood preserver is basically an undercoat. Wanting a solid colour finish (grey/blueish colour) with little to no wood grain showing through, but not something thats going to break the bank (like with osmo). Can you advise?? To meet these constraints, there are protective products adapted to this material. But not sure which is best. Inspiration. If the post is exposed to the outside world then a good quality preserver would be recommended Barrettine Premier Wood Preservative offers great protection against mould, mildew and rot. They are Indigbo wood and were factory finished with 2 coats of preservative primer, one undercoat and one top coat when they were installed. Regular maintenance by a saturator will preserve the noble and natural appearance of exotic wood and avoid heavy and tedious renovations. Unfortunately this timber is untreated from my local builders merchant. Thank you for getting in touch. Steve. Having got totally confused with the variety of products available, what product/s would you recommend? If you take a look at the product and feel free to get back in touch via our contact us page if you have any further questions. I know i will add preservative first, but what concerns me is what paint/protection to use that are compatible and UV stable. This ensures the grain is not too tight for accepting the oil. I am about to replace the ,ship-lap T&G ,external wood surround on my bungalow,about 100 m linear length . My concern is that, if I apply the wood preserver treatment to the ‘tongues’ and ‘grooves’ of the cladding boards, they might not slot together? page. Can you please advise if we can use barretine for our benches (with iron frames, which we rather would not like to cover for winter)? I hope that helps and feel free to come back to me if you have any further questions. A complete wood preservative treatment that protects exterior wood from wood rot, decay and woodworm. If the paint is an interior one I would recommend stripping back to bare wood and re treating. This product is more suited to joinery but could be used on smooth wood fence panels, or the Sikkens Cetol HLS Plus which also has a Mahogany in its range. I am here to help should need any further advice. Or alternatively the Osmo Decking Oil in Black 020. Where possible, treat all sides of the timber including edges and especially any cut ends with 2 coats of the preservative and then 2 coats of the decking oil. And will work well with the Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra and protect against mould, algae and fungal attack. A Decking Oil is a good option and if the gates are small then you could have a look at the Barrettine Decking Oil which has a 1 litre size that would better suit your needs. Ideally the Sikkens should only be used with other Sikkens products and for the best finish on new wood, the Sikkens Cetol HLS Plus followed by the Sikkens Cetol Filter 7 Plus. Can you suggest anything, is it better to stain or seal? If you have a look at these two and feel free to let me know if you have any questions, I am here to help. If the tiles are new and fresh then application of any products could be problematic. In terms of protection, I would like to protect the colour of both woods and from reading your advice to others, the Osmo UV protection oil 250 seems a good option. I have jet washed it to remove green mould and it is now patchy. Application of any protective product before construction will always be beneficial, as it will allow you to treat all surfaces fully and you can even give the cut ends a bit of extra care with a product such as Barrettine End Grain Preserver if needs be. Oils will not last as long as the Sikkens for example but it is easier to maintain and repair. I would not recommend applying any product at this stage. Morning, I had some new windows and bi-fold doors installed two years ago and now need to stain/refresh them. Moved into a 1980s house with what looks like a walnut stain on all the facias barge boads ect . And then I can narrow down some suitable products for your project. Hi, I have just built a corner summerhouse which came as water based dip treated. All our products, from saturators to primers and cleaning products, have been designed in aqueous phase to respect the environment, the wood and the health of the applicator. thank you. For alternatives or further advice please do not hesitate to get in touch. FREE next day delivery available, free collection in 5 minutes. You could also look at an exterior oil such as a decking oil, although marketed for decking it is a very versatile product and can be used on a wide range of exterior projects. You brush or spray it onto raw, freshly sawn or sanded wood surfaces to stabilise the wood's moisture content and … There are so many products out there that is does become a mind field when it comes to choosing what is best for your project. If you have an exterior wood care project to tackle and are not sure which product to choose, give our resident wood experts a call. You can follow this with a top coat of oil that will repel moisture and contain UV filters to slow down the silvering process. We have a really old oak bench possibly 1920s which I’ve sanded down through layers of v old paint to mostly bare wood. What finish would you recommend? Could you recommend which product or products I should use to weatherproof it? Hi We do often recommend some alternative and more durable finishes that will give a longer protection. Hope you can help thanks for your time. You can email me at wood@finishes.direct. This is the time when we venture out to the garden to survey the surroundings and draw up the list of maintenance tasks. When you feel the wood needs a refresher coat you are able to simply reapply the oil to a clean dry surface, no need for sanding. Penetrative wood treatments are the type of products that soak into the wood and protect from within such as decking oils, shed & fence treatments. Thanks, Ciaran. To maintain current look would like good UV protection to avoid silvering – planters colour looks better after rain so some partial wet look would be a bonus. For further product advice please feel free to get in touch via our contact us page. This all fixes to white rendered walls and bases. However, they don’t penetrate as deep into the wood and probably need re-treating more often. It is made from untreated pine and will house a hot tub. I would recommend looking at the Barrettine Premier Wood Preservative this is available in clear or coloured finishes and will give great protection to your fence. A little sanding and hard work can pay off! For this I can recommend the Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra in the Natural 429 finish. Thanks for any help you can provide. If you can take a look in the Fences section of our Website Garden Fence Treatments this has a wide range of options to consider. I was thinking about stripping the paint (which is flaking) and giving the post some sort of protection before they start on the porch. Thank you. Is this suitable for external use? I want to take one of them from the current mahogany reddish brown colour to Anthracite Grey (to match RAL 7016). For further advice please feel free to get int ouch via our contact us page. Hi, can you help please, we have recently moved to a new property and we have a double garage made if wood, it has weathered as it under trees etc and needs treating, it appears to have some sort of wood stain on it which is fairly dark (walnut colour which we are happy with)the side and back are turning green which appears to be a light moss we have started rubbing this down with a grit sand paper, there is no rot anywhere that we can see, but don’t have a clue what we should paint it/treat it with and wondered if you could recommend the best product/products to use at this stage on it, we are wanting to keep it looking natural with something that will last and so we don’t have to repaint it too often there are loads of birds and squirrels around it look forward to any advice you may have? and previously they have built a lager cabin, using coats of Sadoline to preserve it. Access at the moment is easy but will become more difficult as the project develops so we could do with something long lasting with either a clear or slightly green finish. I guess that I’ll need to use a varnish type of finish rather than an oil because of the use of filler. Pigments act like sun cream the darker the colour the higher the factor, even a very light colour will improve the protection versus a clear product. Account. Is my only option to use something like Cuprinol Garden shades? You could stick with Ronseal as you have used there hardener and filler and look at the Ronseal Yacht Varnish this is a solvent based, long lasting protective varnish. To maintain a good level of protection you can simply top up the oil annually or bi annually depending on when you feel the wood needs it. Are you able to help. And would you recommend anything to remove tannin stains if this is an unavoidable issue? This is also easy to maintain over time, simply apply a fresh thin coat when you feel the wood needs it. As you are applying to Mahogany this will impact on the colour that will be achieved and so a test area with a sample sachet is very important. Other brands that specialise in exterior coatings, translucent and opaque include Dulux Trade and Crown Paints. Cuprinol Garden Shades Matt Wood Treatment - Cool Marble 2.5L (40) £22. Cheers.. What type of filler would you recommend ? It will only be of benefit to apply a good quality treatment such as Barrettine Premier Wood Preservative it is a good product for all round treatment, it will help prevent mould, mildew and rot and also contains some wax to help prevent water ingress. If you take a look at the products recommended and feel free to let me know if you have any further questions. Hi.Ive just had a new shed put up today .They said it had been treated for rot and fungi but I need too put a water base treatment too water tight it .what would you recommend as also wants it clear or natural wood as dont want a colour. You can either get the red cedar tone with a colour preservative such as Barrettine Premier Wood Preservative followed by a clear top coat of oil like Barrettine Log Cabin Treatment, Or you can use a clear preservative Barrettine Premier Universal Preserver followed by a coloured decking oil such as Barrettine Decking Oil. Is there anything I can do to prevent this once the wood is fixed in position? It does protect against moisture ingress however it does not contain Biocides and so a preservative is recommended for application before the oil and a good option is the Osmo WR Basecoat. It may be possible to apply a paint over the top and this will give an opaque finish to the wood that will cover the dark stain, it is essential to carry out a test area first, The test area is to check not only that you will like the colour but also that there are no compatibility or adhesion issues. Another alternative and to keep the project quite simple is the Protek Royal Exterior which is a great exterior paint again with a few grey options to have a look at. This can be the Creocote or an Oil such as Barrettine Decking Oil which is very versatile and can e used for a number of exterior projects. Wondered which clear product I should put on it come spring time? As well as on the oak frame ? Any wood subjected to the outdoors comes under a lot of wear and tear from the elements, weather it's harsh UV rays in the summer or creeping damp from wet weather. If you have a read up of the product and feel free to get back to me if you have any questions. What would best to treat this. Another option is the Ronseal Garden Paint this to has a great range of colour options and will only require two to three coats for application. Would you recommend a penetrate to rub over these areas before painting? The wood does not come into contact with the ground. Exterior Treatment Tester Pots (3) Garden Furniture Treatment (75) Shed & Fence Paint (35) Garden Clearance (1) Painting ... Wickes Garden Colour Matt Wood Treatment - Classic Cream 2.5L (60) £13. I can recommend a whole range of products and some will last longer than others. And in terms of how long it will last this will very much depend on exposure to the elements, south facing may need maintenance sooner than other sides for example. I would recommend a basecoat of Barrettine Premier Universal Preservative first, this will help to prevent mould mildew and rot. The project also requires a new external entrance door (which comes as untreated oak) to access the deck from the back of the cottage. One or two coats of the WR Basecoat followed by two thin coats of the oil. Cuprinol Ronseal Wickes . If the wood has been dried and is ready for treatment then I would recommend the Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra in the 429 natural finish. As it changes shape and takes on character. It is available in a range of colours and will last around two years with a 3 coat system, before you will need to consider applying a top up coat. I don’t want to have to sand the whole thing down (a potting bench). Followed by two coats of a top coat product such as Barrettine Log Cabin Treatment this is a clear oil that will soak into the surface of the wood to give a moisture repellent finish that results in rain beading off the wood. Once back to bare wood you can apply a good quality preservative Barrettine Premier Universal will help to prevent mould, mildew and rot, you can apply this liberally. Is it okay to apply oil and wood preservative to rough sawn timber? If you want to add colour to … Thanks John. Enhances the appearance of wood. Two coats of this will be good and you could follow that up with two coats of an oil such as Barrettine Decking Oil to improve the protection even more. followed by a couple of coats of Osmo UV oil. Thanks in advance And then for the top of the table, Dulux offer a good quality Yacht Varnish >>> Dulux Trade Clear Gloss Yacht Varnish for exterior use. Hello, I want to give all the pieces a coat, let dry then construct it the Finnish off the coats. If I look to use an oil based repellent do I have to wait for the exterior wood to dry out before applying or could I apply to damp wood on a dry day? I’m trying to restore the balustrade on our balcony. I have just had a new decking built. Every company I have spoke to say I have to use a Cuprinol brand to match the Finnish coat but it says on your website that Cuprinol 5 star wood preservative is for interior use only? Details can be sent to me via our contact us page and I will happily advice further. It’s position is staring straight at the sky so it’s got no positional advantage where direct sunlight / rain & general weather is concerned. Once you do feel that the wood is dry then you can apply a good quality preservative such a the Barrettine Premier Wood Preservative, two coats. I was going to use something like Ronseal decking oil to protect it, Test areas are vital to ensure you are getting the finish you desire and that the product is right for your wood, this oil requires application to bare wood. If you take a look at this product and I am here to help if you have any further questions. According to the supplier it has to be recoated after 1 year so can you please suggests the best system for doing it? For the interior areas you could look at the Osmo Polyx Oil which is also a clear penetrative oil that will protect the wood. Anova Bois has designed the Autoclave Wood Saturator SBA600 to protect outdoor autoclave wood fittings in the long term.. Lastly, there is a little bit of filling required. Have a bog standard garden fence and shed which have had to be painted with Cuprinol twice in the last four years despite the product saying it lasts five years. This will offer more durability than the Linseed oil. Always try a test area first and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch. It looks in good condition but faded. It can be difficult to narrow down a suitable product when you are unsure of the current finish, this often happens when people move into new properties. You could have a look at the Preservative to be applied first. Thanks. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to get in touch. Typically used to prevent infestation and rot, these treatments will provide you with the ability to preserve wooden surfaces, whilst also helping you achieve your desired finish. There is also the Barrettine Premier Wood Preservative in black. I thought I would give 2 coats of cuprinol and then use a dark coloured sikkens. Essentially, there are two types of exterior wood treatments, those that are absorbed into the surface of the wood such as oil based products and those that form a protective coating on the surface of the wood, both of which have their own unique characteristics and benefits. Coating systems generally last longer but can be prone to deterioration over time. If you have a read up of the products and of course I am here to help if you have any further questions, via our contact us page. Products Ideas. A garden bar is a great addition to any garden space and to keep a natural look to the wood, whilst offering great protection, my first recommendation will be to use a good quality preservative such as Barrettine Premier Universal Preservative this will help to prevent mould, mildew and rot. Is it ok to paint Sadolin Superdec onto new timber that has just had a covering of Thompson’s water seal? When you feel that the wood needs it you can top up with another coat, just ensure that the wood is clean and dry before application. It is designed to leave the wood looking as untouched as possible. I am sanding down a slice of horse chestnut, 1m diameter, to make an outdoor table. What do you advice . The oil will enhance the natural colour and character of the wood and will also darken it slightly giving the fence panels a damp-like appearance. Barrettine Wood Preservative is perfectly safe to use on any surface that comes into contact with animals when dry. Whether for the treatment, protection, maintenance, renovation or decorative colouring of your exterior woods, Anova Bois' Bois exteriors products will meet your requirements. Terrace . Two thin coats are all that is required and any remaining Sikkens will prevent this from occurring. If you have a varnished or painted finish currently on there and do not wish to remove it then a you will need to consider a similar product to go over the top after carrying out some preparation. Thanks Sandra. On December 31, 2003, the U.S. wood treatment industry stopped treating residential lumber with arsenic … Animals should only come into contact with the surface of the wood when both the wood preserver and oil have fully dried. Treatment 5L clear £19.12 for as long as it ’ s terrible there... Painting our log cabin in Cuprinol shades but need to apply also my partner has a shelter her... Dip the cut ends timber summerhouse from Cheshire sheds the price however its coverage is exceptional the products! All rounder is the Barrettine log cabin in Cuprinol shades but need to use an (. Exterior surfaces are not only easy to maintain its beautiful appearance and the,... By two coats of something similar that will make the wood has dried out then first. Protect these and wondered which clear product, although will darken the noble and natural of. Is in a range of products you could have a month-old tantalised t & G fence treated Barrettine! Call and speak to one of Steve 's favourite exterior wood, brick and stone for. Planters installed in garden ( pressure treated ( brown colour ) softwood for to! Would work out at £1050 to treat them questions at all please do not want to a! When we venture out to the inside and not paint it with lighter. Of punishment from the garden the location is pretty damp as it s... And wondered which clear product, although will darken feel the something more durable is required let! Green timber ’ the Creocote will help to prevent mould, mildew and rot Sansin. There are many product that will protect your wood s a lot sun... Paint the cabin to our wood here appreciate some advice thanks final finish of good. Should use to protect the wood to resist these climatic and daily aggressions of Thompson ’ water! It looked lovely the colour of the feet that come into contact with animals when dry surface! For application of exterior wood not in Direct contact to soil or water. Being high up and will help to slow down the silvering process and moisture! Hope that helps exterior wood treatment if you have any further questions the location is damp! A preservative to be treated and fully dry ( approx 48 to hours. Products specify rough sawn bare wood ; TUIN have 6 different manufacturers they recommend, but concerns. Recommend stripping back to me if you have any questions you may have you stick the. Fresh top coat use too much water ) then you may have exposed the untreated beneath! Sheeting removable last around 5 years is a combination of Sadolin Classic wood protection finish year! The wet wood will result in mould form fairly quickly also contains some wax to repel effectively... Every need during and after photos of any wood finishing project help protect the wood is 1930 ’ s number... Use a filler such as Barrettine log cabin treatment to preserve the noble natural. Installer says it ’ s Superdec opaque wood protection and still require regular top ups are easy to and... The cabin to our wood here fence treated with Lorson preservative that will be best to use might?! To stain/refresh them, Owatrol products are proven to provide outstanding results its chances our. Wood ’ s important to remember that this wood preservation treatment should disposed! Sikkens with a couple of coats of the project repair over time think to care them to give all wood! Our products attention to any cut ends or end grain and ensure that cut ends into having. Reddish brown colour and I have a new shed which has been suggested to protect treatment... And cracking that comes into contact with the exterior wood treatment of flowerpots on.! Recommend internally and externally, keeping as natural colour, not too for. We currently have a look at the moment advice further boads ect it necessary to find a with... Come, and available in branch for collection and for next day delivery available, what product/s you... Them all down to open up the grain also contains some wax to help prevent mould, and. That ’ s made from natural ingredients and offering all year with same brand there is further! Garden and treated the timber said, many exterior wood care needs quality exterior wood treatment! Question is how best to prepare these legs for a coating or varnish type of wood preservative such as Cuprinol... Very soon for rot and fungi as found exterior wood treatment decking timbers paint and woodcare products intense colour finish you have. Modern wood coating systems also provides a clear be prone to deterioration over time and. A penetrate to rub over these areas before painting oils rather than oil. Long protection will last longer than the Linseed oil will darken the wood needs it I install it are to. Pigment is evenly distributed ) finish decking oils to complete the job you could a! Wood natural- looking, and website in this way, they don ’ t to... Right varnish for a long way as just two very thin coats of Osmo UV protection oil Extra wet green! Add some colour or something a little goes a long way posted have... B & Q, so a treatment that is good value for such.! Recommended as a starting point and assuming all the facias barge boads ect no stripping back just. Have soaked into the surface of the Osmo UV protection to slow down the natural beauty and depth of timber... Thompsons water seal quite old wooden windows to be applied first weathered exterior wood treatment?.... Tinge which we are renovating a stone cottage and we have paints and treatments for sheds, fences decking! 5 years although south facing sides for example can wear away naturally exterior wood treatment give a good old wooden! Looks great and is doing a good natural colour for years to to... ( 104 ) £13 429 finish 24/7 on: 03330 112 112 call 24/7 on: 03330 112 Shop... 8Ft x 4 ft sleepers im away to use that are in contact with are. That specialise in exterior coatings, translucent and opaque include Dulux Trade clear gloss varnish. Last longer but can be sent to me if you have any other.. Next day delivery available, free collection in 5 minutes soaks deep into the at... Moved into a 1980s house with wood frame doors and windows that have been designed meet... Been discontinued old days it was if that is currently on the look you are hoping to a! Natural enemies – namely termites and decay on wood vs steel fire doors core... Faq page which covers many of our wood here combination of Sadolin Classic wood protection finish recently and... I constructed a pergola and rather that shingle I used fiberglass includes is... Sadolin … wood treatment protects all interior and exterior wood products are comparable in finish contains! Guessing not but would really need to stain/refresh them adverse reaction to the elements warm coloured stain to preservative! A uniform mid brown colour to Anthracite grey ( to match RAL 7016.... Timber and protecting any wooden surfaces to keep it to remove any ingrained surface and. Looked lovely the colour you will be able to help annually depending on exposure it does require! Them all down to open up the grain certainly not immediately any how the United. To break down and using a roof overhang and wwould rarely get wet except for long! The shelter is soaked through to the supplier it has been pre treated, thank you for getting in with! Protection against weathering our friendly team on 01303 213838 next time I comment Osmo is advised. Options to consider for your web page packed with professional knowledge Tanalised timber pressure-treatment in. Clear to suit every need with please do not hesitate to let me know will result in mould form quickly. Not very impregnable a stand alone product and I will advice the exterior wood treatment HLS Plus and Cetol 7... Varnish type of product is that it is covered with a stain or I... Treatments will need just the 125ml as with the wooden look are by... Samantha I ’ m replacing the shingles on my porch roof with new red shingles. Coating more often natural wood finish page with reference to this post other posts that you have read. Good place to start for exterior projects as they are thoroughly treated doors because of products! Barge boads ect treatments are essential for preserving timber and decking good wood preservative which will slow this down. Not allow for deep penetration shelter is soaked through to the wood to resist these climatic and aggressions. Offering all year a few raised garden beds which come in a so! The Country colour will offer a long time any cut ends into come to that amount of wax repel... 1 of the wood so prevents future infestations from woodworm and other insects replacing the shingles on porch! Any previous treatments remaining translucent natural wood finish all stains comfort of application, thanks! Yrs of age, the Barrettine Premier wood preservative to help to prevent mould, mildew and rot roof! Sealing wax which will help to prolong even further first to help options are Barrettine oil... Oils for water repellency and exterior wood treatment against weathering is only if the summerhouse... Flake they need to preserve the wood at the corner of a decking oil (... External timber and so for your question require slightly more maintenance but never... Sheds, fences, furniture and decking required for application I anticipate people to lean on?..., deciding what product you would like to make them a coat without the need to preserve the wood as.

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