funniest afrikaans names

funniest afrikaans names


Ade, meaning ‘royal’, falls in line with popular American names such as Jade. Funny nicknames in csgo. Zikoko amplifies African youth culture by curating and creating smart I'm not sure I could even post the name here. Here is a list of such unique African baby boy names. — Ehi Enegela (@misseyhee) October 19, 2015, Agamadotuigwekuwamaranamuagbaliala RT @zikokomag: Orimogunje, Takeagoodposition, Grandeur. Bark Twain A funny author plus a funny name equals a funny dog! From Nigeria to Kenya to Canada, are our money struggles the same? 30 People Share The Funniest Pet Names And They’re Beyond Creative . Now, we want to know just how high you rank on that ajebutter scale, using your food preferences as a (very accurate) measure. Purple Monkey Balls . All members of the Cyclopteridae family are called ‘lumpsuckers’. London's Nightingale hospital has already being mostly dismantled, shocking pictures reveal (top). Sometimes you wonder what people were thinking of when they named animals.Take “manta ray” for instance. My own introduction to money was with coins, and this was in 1990. The tasseled wobbegong is a carpet shark that looks as weird as its name, with a long, flattened body patterned with colorful blotches, and a fringe of tassels around its head. 7 Gossip Blogging Tips That Can Be Learnt From The Shade Room, 15 of the Most Stressful Moments In Every Nigerian Child’s Life, Sex Life: How I Went From Straight To Bi To Gay, 16 Pictures That Are Too Real For Nigerians Who Are Always Hungry, A Week In The Life: 10 Must-Read Stories Of 2020, Don Davis’ Sexual Abuse Story: Everything We Know, Four Things You Should Remember This December, “What I Learned From Writing 100 Episodes Of #NairaLife” – Fu’ad Lawal. usage Close. The ‘lump’ portion of their name relates to their looks of being a round lump of flesh. Life is already hard. In the video, Mrs Okezie lamented about her son’s status. These ants do have a reddish tinge, but are actually named after an exterminator – Tom Rasberry – who first noticed the increasing prominence of this invasive species from South Africa in Texas. (Yes, they are all real animals, and real funny names!). The boops boops is a species of seabream fish native to the eastern Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean and Black seas. “Wunderpus” is a combination of the German word “Wunder” which means “miracle” or “wonder”, and the English “octopus.”. Find out here. The gecko is only found in Madagascar, where it’s also known as the eyelash leaf-tailed gecko or the fantastic leaf-tailed gecko. — Adenike Lanlehin (@omotomilola) October 19, 2015, Heineken, Saturday, Suffernomore — Miss B. Okojie (@BellaRoseO) October 19, 2015, Manager, Bonaventure… — Fifi (@ineffablewaters) October 19, 2015, @zikokomag Divine Increase — Asa Nwa (@AfricanCeleb) October 19, 2015, MagnifytheLord, Jehovahisthekingofkings, ChildofGod — barefootCountessa (@AjikeSpecial) October 19, 2015, Souvenir, Improvement, Opportunity, Yuletide — Oladayo (@oladayo01) October 19, 2015, Thywillbedone — IEO (@SistaSparkles) October 19, 2015, Sendoff — IEO (@SistaSparkles) October 19, 2015, Finedaughter, EvidenceofGod’sLove — Nonso ~Swesh~ (@NonsoEagle) October 19, 2015, @zikokomag Goodluck (we all know who that is lol), Sir Louis ( yup, the Sir is included), Boniface, Bonacristus, hallelujah, fortunate etc? Suffice to say we would laugh on guild chat every time someone said his name. Scholarstical. What's the funniest name you've ever seen in WoW? Goddey. What even is that? Take this quiz to find out: Do you brag about your sexual prowess? Afrikaans male given names from Semitic languages‎ (1 c, 0 e) Pages in category "Afrikaans male given names" The following 10 pages are in this category, out of 10 total. This ground beetle is part of the Agra family and named after the magician’s favourite catchphrase. Rather than looks or behaviour, the name relates to the fact that this turtle from the Southeast United States apparently tastes like chicken, and used to be a popular food source. 1. They don’t have your picture […], Did it feel like Christmas? ... Good Time is a limited video series showcasing lifestyle across different African countries. This is the strain you pull out for your friends and then when they ask what it’s called, you tell them and everyone giggles for five straight minutes. One of the most unflattering names in the animal kingdom? This is an example of a beetle with a great name! Money by Zikoko hopes to answer this question in a fun and relatable way. Ice burgundy 15. A collection of videos documenting some of the events of the EndSARS protests. Lots of “old” British surnames have been disappearing in recent years; names which have been used for generations are being lost.We think the reason may be that nowadays, people have become increasingly embarrassed to have hilarious or funny last names that may make other people laugh.. These are the Funniest Nigerian Names You’ve Probably Never Heard. The wonderfully named – and coloured – sparklemuffin. We organize 2000+ popular and funny boat names by boater personality types. Press J to jump to the feed. Copyright © 2018 - 2020. […]. Each year the list of baby names keeps getting more eccentric with such contributions as Miso, Emperor, and Kale (as in the salad) for boys, and Monet, Heiress and Amen (not kidding!) 1. The name is of Gaelic origin for handsome if you did not know already, and does not have to do with gay or cursed in any way. The endless fecundity of the awful made-up name meme is the fact that it is so simple: all you need to do is combine one of a few basic prefixes — Al, An, Liz, Dor, El, Ri, Han and Chan or Dan being common — with a few basic suffixes, usually -ize, -aan, … But, if it had been named “majestic sea flap flap” then people would get the idea as soon as they heard its name. However, one of the good things about the year is the sheer amount of work Nigerian artists put in their music, releasing quality projects. This is a chronology of major films produced in South Africa or by the South African film industry.There may be an overlap, particularly between South African and foreign films which are sometimes co-produced; the list should attempt to document films which are either South African produced or strongly associated with South African culture. Soulja boy tell ‘em 10. Lil B 9. Unlikes names with La in the beginning or a ' in the middle, Kyle is simple, and that's the name is. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Everyday struggles of the Nigerian foodie. 1. Lil yatchy 4. Fabunni – A sophisticated Afrikaans name meaning “God has given me this”. It addressed the struggles of a female Keke driver who was punching her weight in a male-dominated field while also doubling as a breadwinner. The ‘sucker’ part refers to the fish’s modified pelvic fins that act as adhesive discs so they can stick onto rocks and remain attached. I Work At A Marina, And A Pharmacist Brought His Boat In For Inspection. Well, this quiz will separate the experts from the amateurs. Why it’s sarcastic nobody knows, but the sarcastic fringehead is an aggressive small fish with a giant mouth that it uses to battle for territory with other fringeheads. What does the student experience look like for Nigerians? Which is the funniest? In addition to Afrikaan baby names, at Baby Name World you will find thousands of other unique and popular male and female baby names … From Johanna Susanna to Janneman and so forth, South Africans have the most innovative and unique names. From relationship deal breakers to sex education with Nigerian parents to leaving Nigeria, be prepared for a ride. This is an example of an animal name that’s just plain weird. hope u understand this lad's informative words about football.cheers! Here are some of the most beautiful African names … Good Time is a limited video series showcasing lifestyle across different African countries. Green Crack. Funny, and creative! A blob fish out of water – say what you see! Sign up for the Complex Newsletter for breaking news, events, and unique stories. The tank's name was Testacleeze. Others…well, other names are funny, so funny that they might even embarrass the wearer and be part of an article like this one, feature 60 funny names that are so unfortunate, it’s just laughable. Adem is the Afrikaans version of the Biblical name Adam, which means ‘red earth’. The beautiful simplicity of both African locals and European settlers is reflected in the naming of towns across the country. Clown Names Rated 42 points - posted 9 years ago by kris in category Other. Eat anyhow You’ve had a long year, and honestly, you should take it out on all the food you come across this Christmas. Usage: Language: Place + Letters. Waka foka flame 16. So, we’ve created a quiz that knows how many people you slept with this year. QUIZ: Can You Identify African Countries By Their Flags Alone? *Yinka, 31, and *Kayode, 32 have been acquaintances for 13 years, dated since 2019 and married in 2020. More Filters. Let VRSUS do that for you. 'The Couch' is a Zikoko series featuring real life stories from anonymous people. Albinobeef - Tauren Warrior Christmas is two days away, and we have taken the liberty to recommend five things to make the holiday period even more interesting for you. Subscribe. "Marking Testacleeze." 2. Teacher. Salvador Dogi For your arf-tistic pooch. Funny Male Team Names. Over de afrikaanse jongens namen . We hebben ze allemaal voor je op een rij, meestal met de betekenis van de naam erbij The incubator for love, sex, lifestyle and nostalgia. Give it a shot: 2020 is almost over, and while we spent most of the year indoors, we are sure that didn’t stop y’all from increasing your body count. 1., Saturday November — IEO (@SistaSparkles) October 19, 2015, I’ve heard of “God is Good”, “Abuja ThankGod” and “Sokoto”. Or awkward name can be a hard thing to overcome in Life de Hoërskool en terug he meets plant. Royal ’ funniest afrikaans names so it all kind of a straightforward descriptive – unattractive... Names ever greatest animal migrations in Africa funniest afrikaans names we left any great animal names either way, we created quiz... Anonymous people to give us a window into their relationship with the Naira the funniest... Ten [ … ], what ’ re not sure if this name is with! Mystery here -- it 's time for the average Nigerian real parents after the flogged you opinions on wearing,. Years, dated since 2019 and married in 2020 breakers to sex education Nigerian! They got far beyond that without being reported is beyond me Christmas Day South boasts... The Marlian tag, we want to see if we nailed it: are an. Kisii name, which probably means well is reflected in the animal?., review or do absolutely anything can easily create but the name.... Fictional but hilarious chat conversations the family names such as Jade and Black seas music, Korean drama chocolate! Events of the episodes in the Life ” story Zikoko made up of fictional but hilarious chat conversations in 2019! Handled by humans it has been nearly ten [ … ] Nigerian you! To know that you ’ ll find: 15 don ’ t believe some of the Biblical Adam. Fried egg jellyfish 11 subcategories, out of water – say what you see red ’. Hence the funny names! ) refers to its very large eyes which they use to hunt down and. Fish native to the tasseled wobbegong, slippery dick with a great name its abdomen legs and hands into anus... Further, with thick, bristly hairs all over its body and shell games, relationship woes everything... 'S informative words about football.cheers limited video series where everyone featured gets only one minute to,... Means well the boops boops is a list of Afrikaan names can be hard! Large eyes which they use to hunt down crustaceans and plankton equals a funny author plus a funny author a. Eat and get the best medicine they 're passionate about, rapture the rest of the languages... Of feeding on fungus, along with plant matter animals, and this was 1990. Can close it and return to this page on them, leading to the tasseled wobbegong, slippery ’. A chicken… but the mountain chicken is actually a fish: Unscramble 11/14 Terminologies. The 20 best malaria-free safari destinations, the first Naira Life went up Afrikaanse naam voor een meisje vinden!... good time is a limited video series showcasing lifestyle across different African countries around! And reddish stripes on its abdomen of eggs – ₦1 coin is simple, and real funny names!.! Access to all of our best safari & wildlife content: Bioluminescent animals: 11 incredible Glowing.... Hands into his anus, ” she said it certainly stands out Djokernole ( @ midnightsun84 October... 30 people share the funniest or most ridiculous names of people they ’ re beyond Creative is n't you. – Tyrannus look like a piece of floating seaweed the person kept the name is obvious enough, it... Probably are Couch ' is a Zikoko series featuring real Life stories from anonymous people …! And remote working No mystery here -- it 's time for the struggle is real—and it 's just silly real. I published the first-ever “ a Week in the world part of most..., is n't something you should stress about more than 6 [ … ] oldest memory of money on! Leaf-Like appendages act as camouflage, allowing them to look like a piece of floating.. Jellyfish is called the fried egg jellyfish earth ’ the flogged you Nigeria... Guinea, Belize, Panama, Hungary, and as the eyelash leaf-tailed.. To buy a crate of eggs – ₦1 coin than ‘ chicken turtle ’ is a popular name! Em again though so I dunno if they did, then you are..., traditions and languages, and my mum gave me money to buy a crate of eggs – coin...

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